Smart Wash

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SPECIAL LIMITED TIME PRICE - Save with Eco-Tech, Premium Quality, Made in Canada, compare with the leading brands Eco-Tech is just as good with a much better value because we make it in Canada.

Smart Wash is a high-quality foaming surfactant made to help your cleaning solution cling to all surfaces and smell great.

Highly concentrated, a little will go a long way.

Uses: To increase dwell time on many surfaces and mask SH scent.


Roof Mix

Wall Mix

Batch Mix

1 L (32 oz) per 200 L (50 G)

0.80 L (28 oz) per 200 L (50 G)

Proportioner Systems

3 on Dial

1-2 on Dial

X Jet Systems


0.1 L (3 oz) per 20 L (5 G)



0.25 L (9 oz) per 20 L (5 G)


All mixing ratios are base suggestions, adjust for applications as required.

Also available in 55 G / 208 L call us to order: Reg Price $2430 - ON SALE for $1800

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