Compact 4 Stage Caddy System *

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Tucker is the #1 Brand for water-fed cleaning equipment in the world, since 1957. All Tucker products are built in North America with only the best materials, design, and quality controls in the market... and our 10 year warranty will prove that and show that we stand behind our quality!

The Tucker® Compact 4 Stage Caddy is a simply mobile and rugged RO/DI system that has a small foot print. Great for those working out of cars or other vehicles with small compact storage demands.

The system consist of 4 filters.  The first filter is the Carbon Pre-filter. This filter has massive capacity and will last any user 6+ months.  The carbon pre-filter removes the chlorine as it enters the system and protects the 2 RO membranes. The next 2 filters are the RO Membranes.  The RO membranes remove the majority of the impurities in the water. The final filter is the DI filter.  The DI filter removes the remaining impurities not caught by the RO membranes and leaves you with spot free water.

The system is built on a lightweight frame for carrying around the job site. 

  • 21" serviceable stainless steel housings
  • (1) Carbon pre-filter rated for 80,000 gallons
  • (2) ULTRA low pressure reverse osmosis membranes for high production
  • (1) DI filter for ultra pure water
  • Built in pressure gauge
  • All metal fittings
  • Powder coated steel frame w/ rubber feet