* Caddy DI - PVC to Stainless Conversion Kit

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These are the kits to convert the Tucker® Caddy System PVR Filters into Stainless Steel Filter Housing. 

As a result of continued global supply chain shortages PVC housing are difficult to source which has resulted in the requirement to switch to stainless steel housings. The long term benefit is that the filter inserts are considerably cheaper.

The Kit Includes everything you need to plug and play:
  • Stainless Steel Housing (approximately 24")
  • The Filter Inserts (DI, Carbon, or RO depending on your selection)
  • 1/2" Push Fitting on the Inlets/Outlets
  • Brass Garden Hose Fittings on the Outlet (DI)
  • Brass Garden Hose Fitting on the Inlet (Carbon)

Chart of SKUS for Conversion Kits & New Filter Inserts to convert the Tucker® Caddy from PVC to Stainless Steel:
  • DI - Stainless Steel Conversion Kit = 20002-E-UGK
  • DI - New Filter for Stainless Steel Housing = 20051-D (25% Cheaper)
  • Carbon -   Stainless Steel Conversion Kit = 20002-E-UGK
  • Carbon - New Filter for Stainless Steel Housing = 20051-C (45% Cheaper)
  • RO - Stainless Steel Conversion Kit = COMMING SOON
  • RO - New Filter for Stainless Steel Housing = 20051-RO

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