2 Piece Extension Kit For ECO-40

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Tucker has been the leader in water-fed since 1957, making the best poles and brushes in the world. Our Pole Kits are made in North America with the best quality clamps and parts in the market... and our 10 year warranty will prove that!

The Tucker® - ECO-40 extension is a 2 piece lightweight carbon fiber extension designed specifically for the Tucker® ECO-40 poles to turn it into a 50' pole. 

It comes with the Tucker® clamps that bolt on and carries a 10 YEAR WARRANTY.

This 2 piece extension is added to the base of your Tucker® ECO-40 pole.

This allows you to have an extra 10' of reach.

Built in end protection on each section protects the carbon fiber.

To add this extension, simply remove the end cap from your ECO-40 and slide in into the top section of the extension.