Getting Started Guide

Please review this IMPORTANT Getting Started Guide.

Congratulations on purchasing new equipment! When you receive the equipment please ensure you review all applicable manuals on proper operation and maintenance. We also create the following guide highlights the top 5 issues that customers have when purchasing new equipment, this guide will save everyone time and possibly money by quickly reviewing it.

1.  Systems: If you purchased a 3 Stage or Multi-Stage Pure Water System you need to ensure that you do not connect the small black quick connect reducer valve directly to your system (see set up diagram below). If you attach the reducer valve to your system without having a hose between it you will likely damage the valve gasket and reduce the flow pressure to your brush. 


Proper System Set Up:

 2.  Brushes: If you purchased a Brush with 4 Jets but the connections only allow the outside Jet or the Inside Jets to be run one set at at time, this is correct, you are not missing anything. If your Brush has both Pencil Jets (circular jets on the outside of the brush used for most windows) and Fan Jets (flat slot jets on the inside of the brush used for windows with hydrophobic coatings which are rare) then it is designed to be used with just one set of Jets or the other. You connect the Supply Tube to one or the other for use. Do not try to use all 4 Jets at the same time as the results will not be good on the windows. 

3.  Clogged Jets: If one or more of your jets are plugged or not flowing as well as the others, there may be something blocking the flow in the jet. This can happen as the opening on the back of the jet is 3 times larger than the front so debris can go up the tube into the jet. The solution is simple: take the tubing off the back of the jet and place it over the front of the jet, then turn on the water and the debris will come out of the larger opening on the back side of the jet.

4.  Pole Clamps: It is very important not to over extend the pole sections as the pressure will crack the clamps and this is not covered by warranty. The Pole Clamps are designed to both secure your pole in place and protect the pole sections from damage. When pulling sections out ensure that you do not expose the Red Warning Line as this will cause the clamp to snap to protect the pole from cracking.

*Also: please ensure you tighten all of your pole clamps when you receive a new pole as they may have come loose during manufacturing and transportation.

5.  System Flushing:  When you have a new system or change your filters it is important to rinse out the system before using it to get all manufacturing dust and debris out of the system. Set up the system and let is run for 15 to 20 minutes before use and then over the next couple of hours of regular use the TDS will drop to normal levels.


For more helpful information visit our Help Center for more FAQ and Troubleshooting Tips.


Other Shipping Help Topics:

  • Shipment Tracking: You will receive a tracking email once your order ships, if you do not receive this within a week please check your email junkmail/spam folder as it may be in there because of the links in the email. If you do not receive it after a week please email us for tracking details.
  • Multiple Items: Most of the items we sell come in large packages which require us to ship them separately, as a result you may receive your order in multiple deliveries even if we ship them all together. This all depends on how the Courier Company sorted the deliveries, your other items will arrive. The good news is that because the items are large they do not often get lost in shipment. If it has been more than 4 days since you received part of your delivery and the other item(s) have not arrived please email us and we will assist.
  • Shipping Damage: It is important that you open and inspect your equipment upon receiving it. In the rare event that your order arrives with a damaged box or you open the product and can immediately see visible damage, please take a picture of the box and damage and immediately email it to us. If the box is damaged do not dispose of the box until after we contact you as the Courier Company may need it.


Thank you, and enjoy your new equipment!