SmartWash Building/Roof Wash System

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The Tucker Smart Wash System is the highest quality plug and play soft wash system on the market. Made for quick and thorough exterior building maintenance, clean roofs, siding, gutters, etc. 

Designed for a very long life and easy management of chemicals.

The 5.5 GPM battery powered pump is capable of siphoning from the 52 gallon holding tank directly to the trigger or back into the tank for circulation/mixing of chemical on the fly.

Additionally you can use the pump to siphon SH from an auxiliary supply tank into your Smart Wash System allowing you to refill the tank and mix another batch on site of large jobs.

The pump is capable of delivering solution up to 40 feet high depending on the nozzle selected. Comes with chemical resistant trigger and 4 nozzles (0, 25, 30, 50 degrees).

System includes:

  • 52 Gallon Tank
  • Aluminum frame w/ various mounting points
  • Inlet selector valve - pull from 52 gallon tank or auxiliary SH tank for mixing on the fly
  • Outlet selector valve - push to the reel to deliver to the surface being cleaned or back into the tank for circulation mode
  • 200 feet of clear 1/2 braided hose on the Titan hose reel
  • Battery box for your 12v battery(not included)



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