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Rival Cart & Pole Package

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The Tucker Rival Package Special is the best value on the market today! You get a Tucker 3 Stage Pure Water Cart and 30' Reach 100% Carbon Fiber Tucker Pole, both manufactured in America by Tucker, the best brand in Window Cleaning Systems.

The Tucker 3 Stage Cart features an ergonomic steel frame with stainless steel housing, it looks as good as it functions, and is made with top quality parts and filtration components. Paired with the Best Pole & Brush out there.

This is a limited time price. Don’t miss out on this great package!


How a 3 Stage System Works:

Stage 1 - Carbon Pre Filters: These carbon charcoal filters remove the chlorine and large sediment present in tap water.

Stage 2 - Reverse Osmosis (RO): The RO stage does the majority of the heavy lifting, It has a very fine filter membrane, so fine that the single “atoms” of the minerals dissolved in the water cannot pass through it but it allows the much smaller H2O water molecules to pass through.

Stage 3 - Deionization (DI): This final stage takes the water and removes all other impurities out of the water, “polishes” the water to get it to near 0 TDS.


Included in this package:

  • Tucker 3 Stage Pure Water Filter System
  • 30' Reach Tucker 100% Carbon Fiber Pole
  • Dual Trim/Dual Jet Tucker Brush
  • Premium 5/16 Pole Hose, 15' longer than pole
  • Quick Connect Hose Connectors
  • TDS Meter to measure water quality

    Wrenches for opening filter housings and TDS meter for checking the water quality are included. All filters are included and must be installed when unboxing the unit.


    *If you are looking for a more powerful 3-Stage unit designed with more features for the Professional Operators then you should also look at the Tucker T-Cart options.


    Package Savings:

    • 30' Package Regular Price $2850 - Sale Price $2495 = You Save $355
    • 40' Package Regular Price $3150 - Sale Price $2745 = You Save $405
    • 50' Package Regular Price $3599 - Sale Price $3150 = You Save $450