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The Gutter-Pro Gutter Vacuum V3.0 is new and improved for 2022.

This new Gutter-Pro Vac from Tucker® is a versatile and powerful gutter cleaning unit. It is powered by three separately switched 800-watt motors. Each of the motors has sealed bearings and are thermally protected from overheating during long jobs. The vacuum tank has large wheels for moving the unit across a variety of terrains. The metal tank tips over and can also be removed from the cart for ease of dumping and cleaning. The tank is 20 gallon and is made from a rugged metal. It includes a 2" x 25' hose with a tangential inlet that prevents clogging from large debris.

110v powered. Being that the motors on our vac are all individually wired and switched on and off you can choose the amount of power the vac will need to use to operate. 1 motor on is perfect for most interior dusting types jobs. 2 motors on is ideal for just about all maintenance gutter cleaning jobs. 3 motors on is ideal for heavy deep wet gutters.  

When running all 3 motors you will need a dedicated 20 amp circuit available or you risk tripping breakers.

A generator is not necessary to use this vac, but it would be ideal if you plan to always run with 3 motors on.

This system includes:

  • Gutter-Pro Gutter Vacuum System
  • 25 Foot Flexible Vacuum Hose


  • Tank Size: 20.61 Gallons
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Airflow: 315.71 CFM
  • Waterlift: 90.55"