Tucker PRO 4 stage Cart Package

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Tucker is the #1 Brand for water-fed cleaning equipment in the world, since 1957. All Tucker products are built in North America with only the best materials, design, and quality controls in the market... and our ten year warranty will prove that and show that we stand behind our quality!

A Tucker Pro-Package at this price is something special! You get the Tucker Pro - High Flow - 4 Stage Cart and a Tucker Eco 30' Reach 100% Carbon Fiber Pole. Add the option 150' Premium Hose Reel to your package, or upgrade your pole to a 40' Reach or 50' Reach and save more!

Are you a professional looking for a system that will allow you to deliver the best results as efficiently as possible? This is the system for you!

Included in this package:

  • Tucker 4 Stage High Flow RO Water Filtration System
  • Select your pole size. All poles are 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Dual Trim Tucker Brush
  • Quick Connect Hose Connectors with On/Off Valve

** Add the optional 150' Premium 3/8 Hose and Reel to your package and save more.

Features Include:

  • Powder coated lightweight aluminum frame made for years of abuse and no rusting!
  • Large NO FLAT tires help you navigate all terrains and never worry about a tire going flat.
  • On Board Dual Probe TDS Meter to measure water quality
  • RO Only Option (save $$ on resin)
  • Built in Pressure Gauge.
  • Independent Sediment and Carbon filters.
  • ULTRA HIGH FLOW RO MEMBRANE - Produces more volume compared to the standard Rival enabling you to rinse faster.

System Consists Of:

  • (1) Sediment Pre-filter in a CLEAR housing for removal of debris, rust, and other harmful items in the water supply.
  • (1) Carbon Pre-filter in a CLEAR housing for removal of harsh chlorine and chloramines.
  • (1) ULTRA HIGH FLOW reverse osmosis membrane - available only from Tucker® . This RO produces more water than any other membrane on the market today and is only available in Tucker systems.
  • (1) Refillable DI Filter for an ultra pure final polish of your pure water.
  • This system is ideal for cleaning up to approximately 50' on good line pressure. 

The RIVAL PRO Cart from Tucker® features clear pre-filter housings. These housing allow for the best way to know when you change out your sediment and carbon pre-filters. No more guessing. Simply look and see if they are needing maintenance.


  • Wrenches for opening filter housings
  • Replacement o-rings for filter housings
  • TDS meter for checking the water quality
  • This system as it sits is ideal for cleaning up to approximately 40' on good line pressure.
  • If you add an electric or battery booster pump to this system you will easily clean to 60' or run multiple operators off this same system.
  • Ideal to lay the system down during usage.

Note: The colour of the pole tubing you receive may differ depending on availability.